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DemoPatron Edition 0.01 Release Notes

There’s a new Demo release on the website, and a new Patron Only edition ready for download and install.  Here’s a breakdown of the main changes:

Demo AND Patron Release Notes:(

– Switched to a green screen  background, this means you can use whatever backdrop or art you want for your stream!

– Can adjust the max size from 1x (same for everyone) to 3x normal size for those who have contributed the max amount to the stream.

– Can adjust the max contribution cap.  If you set this to $5, Tier 1 and up will all be the same size (max size).  If you set this to $25, your Tier 3 subs will be the largest on the dancefloor (but lower tiers can donate bits to make their avatar grow)

Patron Only Release Notes:

– Host can setup different skins to be triggered based on channel point rewards or bit contributions

– Host can have up to 30 users on their dancefloor

– One additional skin, Demon Girl

– Can optionally turn off the In Game UI

– export instructions based on your bit and point reward input

Upcoming Features:

– Assign dancing/drinking to bits/rewards

– turn off individual elements from the in game UI

– back stage area on split screen, or 2nd display.

Patch Notes 5.29.2021


  • A random bug for people using two screens. For some builds the screen settings were being initiated before the screen info was being loaded from the data files.

5.27.2021 Another New Feature

Another new feature for my patreon supporters
(for release on Steam end of June before the Steam Summer Sale)

‘!Sync’ and ‘!Unsync’ are now options for your dancefloor commands. This will make your avatar sync their dance move and speed to the person they specify. I.E. “!Sync @streamertech9000” would sync your avatar to mine. Should be interesting if everyone starts following 1 person who knows all the moves!

5.23.2021 New Feature

For the first advanced feature to be setup for my Patreon Supporters only for 1 month before Steam release. The custom help web page! With this newest version you will have your customized setup sent up to my website, and a custom web page will be setup to show your users your commands in an easy to reference format. This is also useful for users who’re using YouTube or Facebook to stream.

Patch Notes 5.20.2021

New Feature:

  • YouTube users now have a ‘Sponsors Only’ checkbox so they can restrict access to only allow their sponsors in.

Bug Fixes:

  • A HUGE apology, I did fix the youtube and facebook connectivity and it was working, but at some point the code just reverted to a previous state. I suspect it was a “git conflict” gone bad, and you can imagine how frustrating it is for me having already done the work to have to re-do it, but I do apologize profusely to anyone who wanted to use that feature. If you are ever having troubles with any feature PLEASE don’t hesitate to ask me for help at or on my discord channel. I will treat every bug or question very seriously.

Patch Notes 5.16.2021

– Can now disable the help chat messages in the twitch menu “Bot sends help messages” will disable the help messages. You can still export the instructions from the Dancefloor manager and display this info in your own way.

– Reset bot and browser no longer sets the tier mode to active
– Reset bot and browser now clears the browser’s cookies so you can log in as a different user.

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